Aperto per Cultura is the format of city management & entertainment, designed as a modern proposition giving value to the historical centres of our towns to create a “proactive community”.

The project developed by combining the most modern concepts of urban regeneration, city harmonisation and reuse of urban voids to promote culture, represented by outstanding music, theatre, food, and wine.

A proposition of higher artistic value, capable of actively representing the city and its historical centre, while giving value to urban voids and unused areas with cultural and artistic propositions.

Unrented stores, public and private buildings – also vacant ones – become stages for music and theatre performances, for book readings, art, and photography exhibitions.

Stir people’s consciences to develop the entire community is the key target of Aperto per Cultura.

Today, the event is a registered trademark managed in partnership between Alessandria and Siracusa Confcommercio.

Each day, the staff of both districts experiment new innovation projects to safeguard and promote the entire territory of local cities.

Aperto per Cultura is a format that changes based on the needs of the host city and can be adapted to each season and different themes and to different sizes, with the possibility of activating circuits in stages and theme versions, as the Christmas one, which can be set up during spring/summer and autumn/winter.

Translated by Ornella Vecchio


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